How to Empower Your Nanny

Your nanny plays a vital role in your home. They provide loving, attentive care to your children,

they help reduce your day-to-day stress through their help, and they become a supportive advocate for your child during their growing up years.

A good nanny gives a lot of themselves to the family that they work for, so ensuring that they feel empowered and encouraged is important. Not only will this benefit them, but it will benefit you, because they will be happier and more fulfilled in their work. Here are some ways to consider empowering your nanny this year.

Surprise them with a gift card.

Does your nanny like to shop? Maybe you know that they are saving up for a trip to go visit a family member or friend. Consider giving your nanny an airline gift card, or a gift card to one of their favorite stores. This gesture shows that you care, that you listen to what is important in their life, and that they matter.

Make a charitable donation in their name.

Is there a cause that your nanny is dedicated to? Maybe they attend a local church or volunteer at a non-profit organization nearby that is important to them. Consider making a charitable donation in their name. This empowers them to continue being a part of what they are passionate about and shows that you value that.

Invest in their professional life.

Whether it’s obtaining new certifications or licensures, completing school, or taking classes that will make them a more well-rounded nanny, it is a great idea to consider investing in your nanny’s professional life. Pay for one of their courses or provide a stipend for them to complete a certain number of courses per year. Doing this empowers your nanny to become the best possible nanny they can be – both now and in the future.

Give them a day off.

Offering a surprise day off is a huge blessing for a busy nanny. This gives them time to rest, relax, and recoup, so they can be empowered to come back energized and ready to go.

Your nanny works hard for your family and doing little things on a regular basis will empower them to be the best version of themselves – and that’s a win for everyone.

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