Committees are formed to accomplish specific goals the INO Board has agreed. These committees direct the vision for that task or goal.

Without committees and committee chairs working out the details and responsibilities of these, the INO would not be able to serve our community and industry. We are so grateful to those on the Board and outside the Board who work on committees.

If you are interested in being on a committee, please reach out to the INO office at

Our committee’s are broken down into larger groups to clarify the purpose they serve.

  • Conference Committees
  • Development and Progress
  • Growth and Retention Committees
  • Recognition Committees
  • Support Committees

Our Young Pre classroom is for ages. This age group is working on developing their fine and gross motor skills, that are gaining independence


Responsible for the overall production of the annual member conference to meet revenue, programming, and public relations goals.

Site Selection

Responsible for researching, visiting, negotiating and helping the Board to select the location of the INO Conference.


Ensures that a well-balanced, high-quality program for agencies is organized and presented at the conference.


Work with Conference Coordinator in order to collect raffle prizes, select a conference charity and make the raffle a success.