How to Empower Your Employees to Do Their Best Work

We hear it all the time: your employees are your greatest asset.

They are what help keep things afloat when your head is underwater. They help things run smoothly and give you the extra hand you need to minimize stress. But, oftentimes, employees feel overlooked and overworked, and they sometimes feel like they are not empowered to be the best versions of themselves. Here are some principles to consider when it comes to empowering your employees.

#1: Encourage open communication.
Creating an environment where there is mutual respect is key to employee empowerment. So, share your plans with them, ask for their feedback, and give them clear directions on what their duties are. Employees do better when they know exactly what they’re supposed to do. And if you provide a space where there is open communication, they will feel empowered to do their best, without requiring much additional supervision from you or another leader.

#2: Recognize their efforts.
Appreciation goes a long way. But if your employees feel under-praised and under-valued, simply because you haven’t thanked them or recognized them for their efforts, they will likely not be empowered to continue doing a good job. Recognition doesn’t have to be over the top, either. A handwritten thank you note is one way to start. Or, do something a bit more and provide a gift card or monetary bonus to reward them for a job well done. An employee who feels valued is one that will go the distance for you and your company.  

#3: Listen.
As a manager, household employer, or executive in an office, it is incredibly valuable to be a good listener. Leaders often hear what their employees say, but don’t actually listen to what it is they are saying. Give your employees a voice. This empowers them to speak up, perform better, and it can even inspire them to work harder on their professional development.

An empowered company consists of employees who feel empowered to do their best. They don’t hesitate to go the extra distance or do something that goes above and beyond their outlined job duties. How can you best empower your employees today?

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